It's all architecture!

Our thinking about SOA and cloud computing needs to evolve, not shift

I had a few very thoughtful responses to my last post suggesting that SOA could be seen in the emerging concept of the private cloud. Not much of a leap there.

However, I was surprised at the number of people who were suggesting that SOA and private clouds are trade-offs. No.

SOA is an architectural pattern, and cloud computing is an instance of an architecture, private or not. It's all architecture, nothing really changes other than where and how we deploy services, processes, and information management. Not much of a shift, but we do have new technology to play with, and sometimes that can be distracting.

[ InfoWorld's new cloud computing blog seeks to promote a clear-eyed definition so the sustainable cloud can form. ]

Indeed, if there is a common denominator to all this it's the fact that we're always attempting to do architecture better and have better solutions. SOA is an attempt to improve aspects of enterprise architecture, and cloud computing is merely an architectural option that may make sense for your enterprise, depending on its requirements.

We need to stop looking at this stuff as "huge shifts." Typically, that's not the case and it's no exception here. Our thinking is evolving, as always, not shifting.