Another nomination for the Bob Cratchit Hall of Fame

One man dares to admit here that he had a great experience with a Microsoft product

"Microsoft gets its share of bad press," writes Steve. But, he contends, the company also deserves recognition for SkyDrive. If you're not aware of it, check out Microsoft will give you 25GB of online storage just for signing up using your e-mail address.

Steve says, "Since I have three e-mail addresses, I signed up for three SkyDrive accounts of 25GB each. I use one for personal storage of files that I want backed up. I make this private so that only I am able to access it. The second one I use to upload large files (such as pictures or presentations) that I want to send to other people without clogging up their e-mail or running into mailbox limitations. The third I use to upload pictures of my granddaughter, so I can share them with other family members. I can then e-mail links to people which direct them to the public area of my SkyDrive storage -- if it's configured for public access.

"SkyDrive is free, and all you need to do is sign up using your e-mail address. I have not received any junk e-mail in six months of use as a result of providing my e-mail address to Microsoft during the signup. SkyDrive is fast, easy to use, and has solved my backup and file transfer problems at no cost."

Thanks Steve! Would this be a good time to admit that I really like Microsoft's Office 2007? I keep waiting for the moment when it will suddenly make me feel that my computer is underpowered, but so far, so good.

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