5 things SOA governance technology can do better

There is always room for improvement

I've heard from a lot of the SOA governance players out there asking me to drill down a bit on my suggestions around improving their technology offering -- friends of mine, really. So in the spirit of friendship, I'm happy to provide some free consulting. However, keep in mind you get what you pay for. :-)

For this post, I'll focus on more on the design-time guys. Also, I'm making general observations, not looking at specific products.

  1. Figure out a solid approach toward SOA and cloud computing. The whole "yeah, we support it" just is not cutting it. Things that need to be a part of the offering include repositories that are able to leverage remote service delivery platforms and define, design, and implement polices around them. I understand that you do support the notion; you just need to support the specifics.
  2. Learn how to share repository information in real time. Migration does not cut it when you're supporting several different repositories within a single enterprise. I get this complaint a lot from my clients -- huge opportunity here.
  3. Create larger, more holistic methodologies and approaches toward SOA governance, and then support those in the tool. The approaches that much of the technology providers leverage seems like an afterthought to me. I'm not saying write a book, but come up with some core guiding principles.
  4. Train those selling your SOA technology about, well, SOA. You know I'm right about that one.
  5. Make your technology smart. The products I'm seeing out there seem to be way too procedural in nature, and most could benefit from some deeper and more reactive logic. If you think about it, that would make your product stand out.