SOA World focuses on enterprisewide solutions

Conference highlights how there is so much crossover between cloud computing and SOA

If you've been following me on Twitter, you already know that I've been at the SOA World Conference this week in San Jose, Calif., which is collocated with Cloud Computing Expo. I did the keynote on Wednesday and stayed around for some of the sessions and for some networking. I'll play excerpts of the keynotes on the SOA Report Podcast next week. You can find the slides here. However, I think SOA World will have most of the talks on video and on their site for replay. I know they had the live feed there.

Overall, SOA World was well attended and the expo hall was full of SOA vendors. The most interesting aspect of this conference was the cloud computing portion and how there was so much crossover with SOA. In essence, many of the SOA players out there are diving into the cloud computing area, and most of those already into cloud computing are traditional software vendors that have moved their stuff into the "as a service" space. I suspect this will continue considering that just renamed themselves as a cloud computing company, and indeed they are.

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So, what are the trends that I gathered from the conference?

First, there is much more of a focus on enterprisewide SOA, as companies move from departmental problem domains, to the entire enterprise. Thus, the focus is on performance and scalability, sharing services, and information mediation between domains.

Second, SOA governance: What the heck is it? How do we create it? And what's the right technology? There is still a bunch of confusion here.

Finally, the focus on short-term quick wins that save money now, and not so much on long-term strategic advantages. Can't blame them there, budgets are getting hacked all over the place.

Done speaking for the year.