What If Santa did SOA?

The North Pole has some IT issues to resolve and SOA could help

Hey, you never know what to say for the last post of the year, but those of you that know me, know I'm a Christmas junkie. The holiday tunes are on my XM radio, the wreath is on the door, and the tree is ready for gifts (I like California wine, by the way).

One of the issues that comes to mind around this time of year is how a single, elderly, and heavyset man can get all of those gifts, under trees all over the world, and do so in one night. It's a business issue where logistical processes are really the critical success factor, and the supporting IT architecture is critical as well. So, what if Santa did SOA?

If you were able to bring SOA to the North Pole, there would be a few key problems that would be solved:

First, the changing nature of toys, including the introduction of RFID tags for tracking toy production, and sophisticated electronics, would need an adaptive and agile IT architecture. So, all of these evolutions over time, and the changing nature of the business, could be accommodated. Currently, the Elves have to redevelop major portions of the key systems when changes to the architecture are needed, and they are still on C++.

Second, the huge supply chain issues remain a problem, including linking suppliers to "the pole" to make sure that the inventory of parts and raw materials are there when needed. By leveraging an SOA, the points of integration to other enterprises are easily built out from architecture, as is the ability to consume and produce information as needed to extend the reach of core business processes, such as toy production, to other companies that participate in that process. In essence moving them to a nearly real-time supply chain.

Finally, the ability to leverage cloud computing resources through the use of a loosely coupled and open architecture. Thus, the datacenter at "the pole" could be downsized, saving significant money, and reducing their carbon footprint. "The pole" has been getting warmer you know. Santa does not look good in shorts.

SOA could have huge ROI for Santa. Call me Chris.

Happy Holidays to you guys. Happy New Year as well, and let's have a great 2009. My next blog post will be just after the 1st.