Five reasons to start a SOA technology company now

When times are tough markets normalize, now could be a great time to start something new for those innovative and resourceful few

I know, the economy is rough these days. Myself, I'm unwilling to look at my mutual funds until we're through this. However, when times are tough, markets normalize, and while the stock holders and venture capitalists out there are crying in their beers, now could be a great time to start something new for those innovative and resourceful few.

Here are five reasons why you should start a SOA technology company now:

  1. The competition is down. Many SOA technology companies have be acquired by the big guys, and the ones remaining seem to be lacking focus and innovation -- and perhaps funding -- these days. Now is a time to start something new and out innovate both the behemoths and the old maids. There are plenty of good ideas left, trust me.
  2. You can do more with less. The days of needing $10 million minimum to make any sort of impact in the market are long past. Today, virtual companies, cloud computing, and the other cost-effective tools make it possible to start and run a company at a fraction of the burn of just a few years ago. There are many examples of these types of companies in the Web 2.0 space, but not many in the SOA space.
  3. There are many core SOA problems that are left to be solved. Not to get into any specifics here, but as SOA moves from the experimentation to the production stages, clearly there are a number of solutions that have yet to be developed to address many of the needs of the SOA practitioners out there. Not sure why they were missed, but they indeed were missed. We can call these "second-generation SOA solutions."
  4. The merging of the Web and SOA has just begun. The whole WOA space is emerging quickly, and you can really just call it what it is, extending SOA beyond the firewall, or the Global SOA. While we've been writing and speaking at lot about this, there are many opportunities to capitalized on emerging solutions.
  5. We know more than we did 5 years ago. Years ago when the SOA startups began to emerge, they leveraged an early understanding of the concepts of SOA. Today, we have a much improved understanding as to what works, what does not, and what was just meaningless hype. Knowledge, context, and innovation is a huge strategic advantage. Especially if you're not hindered by a product that seemed like a good idea years ago, but not so much these days.

Good luck!