Biske SOA governance book hits the shelves

A must-read if you're in the world of SOA

Todd Biske's "SOA Governance" book is out today, or so I learned on Twitter. I've not read the book yet, but I suspect the book is reflective of Todd's practical or "real world" approach to SOA and SOA governance.

From the abstract:

"SOA Governance is the key to a successful adoption of Service-Oriented Architecture. It is the process of establishing a desired outcome for your efforts, and then leveraging people, policies, and processes to make that outcome a reality. This includes technical policies and standards that guide your design-time activities, policies and processes that impact your project selection and funding decisions, and finally run-time policies that impact your operational management activities. The adoption of Service-Oriented Architecture is intended to improve the efficiency and productivity of your company, and your SOA governance efforts are critical in achieving your goals in quality, consistency, predictability, change management, and interdependencies of services."

What's key to SOA governance, which has been stated here many times before, is that you focus on "what" and "who" and not on the tools. Indeed, the tools are still evolving, especially the design-time side. However, your ability to establish core processes at the people level are really how you win that game. There are no technological shortcuts.

Congrats to Todd on this new book. It's a must-read if you're in the world of SOA.