Weekend SOA Thinking

Looking into the SOA future...okay the next few months.

I was thinking about posting some "think piece" around SOA issues with data, but I decided that most people are on vacation now, so I'll wait until next week, or the following. Instead, I'm going to speculate a bit on what will be relevant in the world of SOA for the remainder of 2008. Here goes:

First, the SOA crowd will still focus on SOA governance, and for good reason. I think, however, there is more enlightened thinking around this topic coming up, mostly about the integration of design-time and run-time SOA governance. Specifically, the use of design-time governance within the context of more holistic architectural thinking. Huge issue there and we may not be seeing much from the design-time guys in 2009. There are, however, clear opportunities for them to retool for a larger forthcoming market.

Second, the use of modeling tools within the world of SOA. I did a ton of work around this space back in the client/server days, and I really think this notion has much more value in the world of SOA. This means the ability to create a virtual architecture that can be analyzed as to performance and other behaviors given different scenarios, and without purchasing the hardware or software. Not new, but not done well yet either.

Finally, more focus on SOA talent. Not much out there now, and the need for qualified SOA architects is increasing weekly. Guys like ZapThink may find their dance cards more full in attempting to train the next generation of SOA architects. Indeed, this is the largest obstacle to SOA success right now, if you ask me.

Have a great weekend. Don't forget, Monday is "SOA Governance Monday."