Where to place your bets on SOA governance

SOA governance is going through a bit of a, let’s say, normalization.

SOA governance is one of those topics that means different things to different people in the world of SOA. I'm a bit tired of briefings by SOA governance vendors who start out the conversation with "What's your definition of SOA governance?" Thus, I've seen design repositories, directories, and even development tools sold as "SOA governance" products. The trick is figuring out where the value is, and where to place your bets.

As we progress in the world of SOA, the notion of SOA governance will morph into more solid foundations of technology, and the standards around this space should mature and normalize. What's important now is the need for this technology. SOAs are indeed complex, and you have to create or implement a mechanism that's able to track and manage the service assets within the organizations. Considering that, SOA governance systems will have to be standard equipment for most SOAs.

The fact of the matter, however, is that SOA governance is going through a bit of a, let's say normalization, and out of the two SOA governance approaches, one is working and winning while the other seems to be left in the architecture dust. So, where should you place your SOA governance bets? The reality may already be apparent to most SOA architects out there if the e-mails I'm getting are correct. I'm just wondering if you guys can guess before I hack into this topic here.

Watch this space for more information. Perhaps I'll do SOA governance Mondays, considering the interest in this topic.

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