Developers rest easier with JavaScript reversal

Foregone enhancements might have helped some developers, but many coders found them too complex

The committee driving JavaScript forward has chosen to focus on small, incremental changes that will improve the performance in Web browsers and, while the foregone enhancements would have helped some developers, many coders considered them to be overly complex.

"The stronger performance of regular implementations removes some of the drive for the new features. Indeed, many developers have already begun adding the new Mozilla and Safari interpreters to the language through the popular frameworks," Peter Wayner explains.

Developers rest easier with JavaScript reversal.

"The more casual, untyped structure of JavaScript makes it easier for frameworks to evolve. Developers can mix and cross-pollinate the code with a great deal of flexibility, adding features and creating potent sublanguages – at least until they reach the kind of namespace conflicts that sparked the ECMAScript 4.0 proposal. "