Advance your VMware knowledge with these three white papers

VMware has added three new white papers to the resource list that covers VMFS management, virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server, and learning more about VMware View Composer

Whether you're just starting out with your VMware virtualization infrastructure or a few years into your deployment, there is always room for improvement and things to learn.

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VMware has a great list of resources online at its Web site, and the company updates it frequently enough to keep you coming back for more. Recently, the virtualization giant updated three technical white papers worth reading:

  • Microsoft SQL Server and VMware Virtual Infrastructure: For years, Microsoft SQL Server has been one of those applications that most people, including VMware, have dubbed "non-virtualization worthy" for a number of reasons. However, things have changed. In this 22-page best practices white paper, database administrators and IT administrators who are seriously considering virtualizing SQL Server can learn:
    • How to characterize their SQL Server databases for virtualization,
    • VMware Infrastructure best practices for SQL Server -- best practice guidelines for ensuring your VMware Infrastructure platform is properly configured for running SQL Server, including guidance in the areas of CPU, memory, storage, and networking
    • Deployment and operations -- best practice guidelines for deploying SQL Server on VMware Infrastructure focusing on monitoring, management, backup, and related common operational best practices
  • VMware VMFS Volume Management: If you thought you knew everything there was to know about VMFS Volume Manager, you might want to check out this white paper to confirm that thought. This 8-page white paper provides a technical explanation as to how VMFS Volume Manager handles disks that are presented to the ESX server and covers use settings to mount or resignature volumes that appear as duplicates to the original volumes created by VMFS.
  • Design Considerations for VMware View Composer: If you are looking to VMware to help you with your exploration of desktop virtualization, you probably already started looking at the company's latest solution, VMware View 3. VMware View Composer is a component of VMware View, and it works with VMware View Manager to reduce storage requirements and enhance the image management capability of virtualized desktops, both of which will become very important when going down the virtualized desktop route. To that end, this document will describe deployment and design considerations that you will want to account for before deploying such a solution.