Light it up

After 106 hours without, the power is on.

For all those who read my post yesterday on the power outages and were waiting by the browser hoping for an update, somewhere around 10:15AM EST the power came back on. The outage was roughly 106 hours, after power failed during the ice storm. I'm still working on undoing all the emergency modifications I made over the past five days, but things are returning to normal, slowly.

I do have to say that my Guardian 15kW generator performed admirably, running for at least 100 hours with only a few short breaks and a little oil from time to time. So far no servers have shown any ill effects, but I'm only bringing up the essentials for now -- there's no guarantee that the power will stay on indefinitely. In fact, we're apparently going to get with with another ice/snow storm tonight, and potentially one after that.

As far as I know, there are still 200,000 homes and businesses without power in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.