Terry who?

Terry Childs is still in jail and it almost seems that San Francisco's DA would just like to forget about him.

It's been several months since Terry Childs made the news in any significant way. He's still in jail in lieu of $5 million bail, and I've heard nothing from his new attorney, nor anything from anyone else close to the case in that time.

It's like he just disappeared.

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I've heard that the San Francisco DTIS has "reorganized," keeping management intact while seemingly dozens of employees have suddenly retired, been reassigned, or simply laid off.

With no new information, an obviously daunting burden of proof, and a very questionable state of affairs with regards to this case within the city government, one has to wonder if they're not simply channeling Dumas, with Childs as Edmond Dantès.

If anyone has any new information they'd like to share, by all means let me know.