Survey: Undergrads gaga for Google

A nationwide survey finds that Google ranks as the No. 1 most desireable place to work among all undergrads

While Apple is also a highly desireable place of employment among undergrads, Google dominates the field

There's a common thread among career aspirations for undergrads studying IT, business, science, liberal arts, and government: a desire to work at Google.

In fact, Google ranks as the No. 1 most desireable place to work among all undergrads nationwide, according to the 2007 Universum IDEAL Employer Survey. No. 2 on the list is Walt Disney, followed by Apple, which also was deemed the most innovative company by the 44,000-plus students who participated.

Broken down by majors, Google ranked as the No. 1 most desirable place to work among IT students. Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and Intel rounded out the list, according to Universum, an "employer branding company."

But Google was the only technology company to consistently rank in the top five most desired employers for student pursuing non-IT academic tracks. For example, business students ranked Google as their No. 2 choice after PricewaterhouseCoopers. Ernst & Young, Disney, and Goldman Sachs follow.

Google is the No. 5 choice among government students, after the U.S. Department of State, the CIA, the FBI, and the Peace Corps.

For liberal arts students, the Department of State is also the top place to work, followed by the Peace Corps, Teach for America, Google, and the CIA.

And for science students, the companies of choice start with the Mayo Clinic, followed by Pfizer, the Peace Corps, Merck and, of course, Google.

Google's allure is pretty obvious. As the company's stock has soared to over $500 since Google went public, plus the company is known for having a highly desirable corporate culture with lots of nifty perks, as evidenced by its top ranking" on the Fortune's 2007 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Best of luck landing a job at Google, kids: The company reportedly gets more than 1,300 resumes per day, so be sure to prepare.