CCube targets Craigslist users for click to call

Startup VoIP social network wants to give Craigslist posts a voice.

Social networking site CCube will announce on Tuesday that it is offering users of Craigslist, the popular online bulletin board, a "click to call" feature that will them to hear a pre-recorded message or speak directly and anonymously to individuals who post ads on the site.

Ccube will release a widget that lets Craigslist users post a CCube URL or "Call me on Ccube" button with their Craigslist post. The feature will allow Craigslist users to speak directly -- but anonymously, with others offering jobs or services on Craigslist. CCube users can also post a prerecorded message giving inquirers a "better feeling about that person before deciding to make contact."

"Craigslist is a 'community catalyst' that contributes real value to our community," said Mahesh Lalwani, CEO of Ccube, in a company statement. "Our new click-to-call feature and 'Call me on Ccube' buttons are designed to help create a searchable, single degree of separation for Craigslist users based on their common needs and interests - from selling products and services to finding a date."

From its origins in the Bay Area, Craigslist has cropped up in cities across the countries and has proven to be a wildly popular source for classified ads and other information. However, the site's popularity and its policy of allowing users to post ads anonymously has occasionally caused problems. In April, an unoccupied home in Tacoma Washington was ransacked by Craigslist readers who responded to a prank posting that claimed everything in the house was free for the taking. There have also been numerous reports of robberies and assaults linked to anonymous posts on Craigslist.

Craigslist is not sponsoring or otherwise involved in the CCube offering, which requires that both buyer and seller are registered on the CCube Web site first.