Vonage files to vacate patent ruling

Vonage has filed to have the case against it thrown out, following a Supreme Court ruling on patents earlier in the week.

VoIP vendor Vonage has filed a motion to vacate a U.S. District Court decision that it had violated Verizon patents, in light of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling this week.

In a statement released to InfoWorld, Vonage said that the patent case should be retired based on the High Court's new standard of obviousness.

"Vonage has asked the appeals court to send the decision back to the lower court to retry the invalidity case based on the Supreme Court's disavowal of previous rigid standards for determining when an invention is obvious to warrant patent protection. The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously adopted this new test yesterday in the KSR v. Teleflex case," the statement reads.

Verizon sued Vonage last June, alleging the VoIP provider had violated seven of its patents involving the packet-based calling technology.

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