Microsoft Silverlight shall go to the ball after all

Martin admits he might have been a little harsh when he compared Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash adoptions

In response to my Test Center article, "First look: Microsoft Silverlight 3 challenges Adobe AIR," one of Microsoft's PR people sent me a nice note reminding me about some of the more recent Silverlight design wins, including:

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These are not insignificant, by any means, but I can't say that any of them had the impact on me of the Silverlight-based Beijing Olympics coverage. I got a lot out of the on-demand content for less-popular sports such as judo. Perhaps I was a little harsh when I said that I've been hearing rather less from Microsoft about Silverlight adoptions than I have from Adobe about Flash adoptions.

In fact, the Silverlight-to-Flash switch most on my mind when I wrote that story was If someone close to that wanted to tell me what really happened, I'd be happy to pass it on to my readers.