First-person adventures in IT

Readers share their IT experiences in InfoWorld's Off the Record

"Got amazing IT tales, lessons learned the hard way, war stories from the IT trenches, or an instance when something went very right?"

These are the scenarios we outline to get InfoWorld readers thinking about their adventures in IT. We then publish those first-person stories in our Off the Record blog, keeping the writer anonymous. In the Comments section, readers react to the "been there, done that" aspect of the stories, and often weigh in with further insights.

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In May, most of the reader tales shared an experience in office politics. And we also took a trip down memory lane with a collection of stories from Off the Record's early years. So here they are. And we look forward to reading about your own IT tale -- send it to


* Redundant skill sets become problematic in a tale of backstabbing and daily backups.

* Too many managers and too few IT staffers creates a situation for havoc in "Drowning in bureacracy."

* How much is 'word of honor' worth? That's the question posed by the story of a region shutdown with monetary loss, an angry client, and a seemingly incriminating log-in trail.

* A look at the ups and downs of life in IT, from Off the Record's early years.