The ups and downs of life in IT

A look back at stories from Off the Record's early years

InfoWorld launched Off the Record in August 2005. The stories, then as now, are anonymous, first-person accounts of life in IT. Some of the tales describe tech situations and management clashes unique to years ago, but often the lessons learned are timeless. Still others describe those crazy tech adventures that crop up from time to time.

Here's a look back at some of the reader tales from Off the Record's early years.

The case of the disappearing datacenter

You hired experts to ship your equipment to a new location. Any other brilliant ideas?

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Web site disasters made easy

Want to flush $6 million down the drain fixing an e-commerce site that isn't broken?

'Just fix it' is not a viable strategy for complex IT problems

When your boss has more money than sense, look out when the rug starts moving underneath you

Devilish details dash software project

Only his partner had the insider knowledge needed to finish the app. Guess who was left holding the bag

When your VoIP vendor goes bye-bye

References and specs aren't enough; check the financials before hiring a company to do a major installation

How to get rewarded for incompetence

Sometimes doing your job as badly as possible pays off, especially when the boss is watching

The last IT worker standing

When laid-off knowledge workers hold the key to undocumented data, expect the worst

When your clients hate IT

Beware bad blood between project managers and users

When competitive advantage isn't advantageous

Be willing to rethink your business model, or risk going under

The real enemies of IT

Why politics and software don't mix