Tim O'Reilly on the origins of open source

Tim O'Reilly may not have come up with the term "open source," but he gathered the right people together to make it happen

At the MySQL Conference & Expo a few weeks back, I sat down with Tim O'Reilly and Karen Padir from Sun to do a post-conference wrap-up exploring some of the ideas and themes around open source and cloud computing. In this short video clip, Tim recalls the origins of the term "open source."  Tim brought together a lot of very smart people and ensured that there was agreement and a platform for telling the world about open source.  Sometimes getting the right smart people together can lead to some pretty powerful outcomes!

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There are also two other video segments on balancing commercial and community interests and cloud computing, and where developers can learn more about new technologies. Thanks to Tim O'Reilly for taking part and to the Sun crew for the nice production job.

If you cannot view this video, follow this link.