SonicWall NSA: Death to malware

SonicWall's NSA E7500 firewall combines smooth setup, high performance, and real protection against Internet malware

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Wizard power

SonicWall beats the competition on ease of initial setup. You get a series of wizards to set up an Internet firewall or an application firewall, or to provide public access to an internal server, or to set up VPNs (either site to site or from a SonicWall Global VPN client). Going through the setup wizard, you're prompted to change your password and time zone, set up the WAN interface, set up the LAN, establish your DHCP settings, then wrap everything up. You have to know how you want things set up, but the wizard makes sure you proceed in a nice logical order, and you don't forget anything.

The wizards can even have a pleasant sense of humor, such as when suggesting that you make your admin password something that's "easy to remember but difficult to guess, such as k3ch33s3." We know we'll always keep that in mind.

Setting up VPN tunnels is straightforward, although the sheer number of policy options makes it less simple than it might be. If you're not comfortable with all the options, the wizard is there to help. But with or without the wizard, the SonicWall lets you create VPN tunnels for almost any purpose you can imagine.

The 16-core Cavium CPU in the SonicWall NSA E7500 includes one core devoted to management (Core 0, far right), so the management interface is always responsive
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