SonicWall NSA: Death to malware

SonicWall's NSA E7500 firewall combines smooth setup, high performance, and real protection against Internet malware

Bottom Line

SonicWall NSA E7500 is one of the rare products that combines an easy-to-use interface with enough power to meet needs well above the user class to which it’s marketed. Throughput is sufficient for the high end of a midsize business or perhaps even the low end of a large corporation. The unit's 96 percent success rate at blocking attacks was best in the test by far.

The SonicWall NSA E7500 is a breeze to configure, an excellent performer, and the truest unified threat manager (UTM) we tested, blocking an impressive 96 percent of the attacks we threw at it. The SonicWall didn't quite match the WatchGuard's throughput, but did provide six times the throughput of the Astaro and ZyXel units, and far better attack protection than all three. The SonicWall may be the only truly effective UTM in the group, but it's also startlingly more expensive than the other products.

SonicWall provides gateway anti-virus services across a range of protocols: HTTP, FTP, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, CIFS/NetBIOS, and TCP streaming protocols, either inbound or outbound. It also provides rich IDS/IPS functionality, anti-spyware protection (with an incredibly rich set of signatures available to check packets against), a real-time black list, and Web content filter that can restrict ActiveX, Java, cookies, or HTTP proxy services, as well as use white and black lists for access. It should be pointed out that rules could be applied by schedule, to perhaps allow gaming after hours.

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Optional software is available to allow the SonicWall to provide NAC-like services such as enforcing the use of anti-virus software on clients. SonicWall also offers a central management system that allows you to manage all of your SonicWall devices from a single console.

Test Center Scorecard
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Very Good

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