Grassroots forum for orphaned MPC customers

Ex-employees and customers of the defunct MPC Corporation have launched a forum to help each other

Every time I think there is nothing more to say here about the MPC bankruptcy, something new turns up.

Earlier this month, I posted an announcement from Steve, who said he hoped to start a forum to help owners of MPC and Gateway professional computers get drivers, parts, and service. In response to that, I got a note from Douglas who tells me a grassroots forum has sprung up and lives at

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"Steve, who you featured in your April 10 article," says Douglas, "is one of the moderators and the tentative goal is to link in his driver resources with this forum once he is ready. Right now he's reviewing posts and e-mailing individuals the drivers when he can."

Before getting involved in this grassroots effort, Douglas worked at MPC. "I quit MPC in 2006 after 10 years in government sales," he says. "I have access to a decent network of former MPC technicians who I encourage to frequent the forum. I have also attempted to contact the bankruptcy trustee from the whois database info for to ask if the old subdomain ( can be forwarded to the forum. I have little hope they will respond. My company is donating the server space, bandwidth, and forum technical management for the forum as a public service our contribution is and will remain free."

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