Tuning up to the mobile Web

Gomez and dotMobi have joined forces to create the first mobile Web benchmarks

Gomez just wants to make your mobile Web better. "It's about making sure you're delivering the right kind of service to users," says Gomez CTO Imad Mouline, speaking about the on-demand service provider's recently announced One Web capabilities.

Gomez recently expanded the reach of its Web application management services to include testing and monitoring mobile Web sites, applications, and SMS services. Mouline says the new capabilities were specifically designed to help find site issues that would affect mobile performance and resolve them throughout the development and life of a site.

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Gomez has a long history of solutions to help clients understand how their site will look on handheld devices even before they go into production. "We're no longer dabbling in mobile, and end-users are waking up to a higher level of quality," Mouline says.

To that end, Gomez is now providing passive monitoring that identifies which mobile devices, browsers, OSes, carriers, and ISPs are being used by smartphones to access either fixed or mobile Web sites. Gomez can tell you how quickly your company's Web site loads and how that affects user behavior across several categories. Are they clicking repeatedly on an unresponsive button? Is there an issue with a third-party provider? What happens to the end-user experience if a site garners more traffic than expected? Clients are alerted when problems arise, and because Gomez tells them which users are affected, they can make informed choices about what actions to take moving forward.

Gomez has also partnered with dotMobi to produce the world's first mobile Web benchmarks. Their initial result found that mobile Web sites are 30 percent slower than their desktop counterparts. The Mobile Web Experience Benchmarks test five aspects of a Web site's mobile presence: readiness, discoverability, speed, success, and consistency. The benchmarks will be released monthly and the initial data covers airline, banking, and search sites. Business can now test and monitor how their sites (and competitors' sites) perform on a variety of smartphone handsets, OSs, and browsers.

Having a benchmark system in place will help to address the needs of businesses in a growing mobile environment and will likely result in a faster, more efficient mobile Web experience for all users.