SOA needs to drink a Red Bull

Time to energize your SOA efforts

If you think that there is a lack of noise in the SOA space, you're not alone. While SOA is still a huge focus inside of the enterprise, the hype and the momentum around SOA seems to be settling down. Though you can clearly blame the ADD of IT and the hype around cloud computing, this is mostly around TOTATS (Tired of Talking About This Syndrome). So you're tired -- drink a Red Bull!

The fact of the matter is that those practicing SOA are making huge strides now. Architectures are on their second generation, and ROI is being felt at the board level. What has occurred is that, at the end of the day, it's all about architecture, not "magic box" technology, and many find it's tough to get excited about where architecture technology is.

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To this end, I have a few suggestions:

First, do an ROI study to determine the effect of the architectural changes to the bottom line of the business. In many instances, you'll find there is time to celebrate, since the business is benefiting directly for the additional agility and reuse that SOA brings. However, some may find they they are falling short.

Second, look at the existing processes created around SOA, especially for areas that can be made more effective. Those building SOAs often find portions of the process that can be streamlined or removed all together.

Finally, pay bonuses for performance and outcome to the SOA team. While performance bonuses seem like a bad idea these day, I see no issue with paying for performance and the positive impact that the SOA will have on the business. You'll be surprised how much more interesting this makes SOA to those in IT.