Report: Verizon and Apple working on two new iPhone-like devices?

One device sounds like the iPod Touch, with voice over Wi-Fi, report says, and the other is an inexpensive calling device called an 'iPhone lite'

On the same day news reports indicated Verizon Wireless is working with Apple to sell the iPhone, a second news source is now reporting that Verizon plans to sell two new devices akin to the iconic iPhone. One of the devices could go on sale as early as this summer.

BusinessWeek added fuel to the iPhone rumor fire when it reported that Verizon is talking to Apple about distributing two new iPhone-like devices for which Apple has already created prototypes. One device, called an "iPhone lite," is an inexpensive calling device.

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The second prototype is for a media pad that would allow a user to listen to music, view photos, watch high-definition videos and make voice calls over Wi-Fi. All of those features sound similar to the functions offered by the current iPod Touch, minus the voice over Wi-Fi.

Both prototypes were described by a person that BusinessWeek did not name who was familiar with the matter.

Neither Verizon nor Apple could be reached for comment late today about the prototypes. Earlier in the day, Verizon declined to comment on a story in USA Today that said Verizon and Apple are in talks to allow Verizon to sell the iPhone -- even as AT&T is apparently trying to extend by another year its exclusive deal to sell the iPhone beyond 2010.

This story, "Report: Verizon and Apple working on two new iPhone-like devices?" was originally published by Computerworld.