VMware: Save 50 percent on hardware, guaranteed

IT doesn't pay for design and implementation until savings are achieved, VMware says

Continuing its focus on proving cost-savings, VMware announced on Monday a promotional program with the bold claim that it guarantees customers can save at least 50 percent on server hardware.

Here's how it works: IT shops sign up for VMware's Professional Services organization to tap the company's so-called best practices when deploying VMware's virtualization software. VMware said that those customers will not have to pay for design and implementation services until it has saved 50 percent on server hardware.

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The VMware Guarantee Promotional Program is currently open to IT shops that want to virtualize no fewer than 200 but no more than 750 physical servers, the company said in a statement. And VMware also contracted with a third party to help companies resell any leftover hardware once they've virtualized the machines.

The program adds another arrow to VMware's quiver for proving the savings and return on investment that using virtualization software can achieve. Late last month, VMware detailed a new "cost-per-app" calculator that it explained enables customers to estimate cost-savings for individual applications, and compare that to competing virtualization offerings. The most interesting new aspect of the VMware Cost Per Application Calculator is that rather than homing in on software licenses, it measures the number of virtual machines that can run on each hardware server.

Andre Preoteasa, director of IT at Castle Brands, says he would consider things such as a guarantees and online calculators, but "they don't affect my decision heavily. There are so many variables and they can make things seem more or less expensive. I tend to do my own calculations and trust them above everything else."