AT&T opens device certification lab

The lab will help developers and manufacturers ensure that their products will run on AT&T's network

Looking to boost the number of wireless devices in its arsenal, AT&T today opened up a wireless device certification lab to help put developers and manufacturers on a fast track to getting their devices running on AT&T's network.

Located in Austin, Texas, the lab will help certify all wireless devices running on the AT&T network, including smartphones, netbooks, navigation devices and healthcare tracking devices. AT&T says that the goal of lab is to "serve as the hub for testing network compatibility, data performance and audio quality" for all devices running on its network.

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2009's summer smartphone blockbusters

Glenn Lurie, the president of AT&T's emerging devices and resale division, says that the lab primarily "will focus on consumer electronics and M2M manufacturers and thereby accelerate the process (to) make it easier for manufacturers."

AT&T is opening its device lab at a time when rumors are swirling that the company might lose its exclusive rights to sell the iPhone, which for the past two years has been its flagship wireless device. AT&T says that the device has helped it substantially since its release in 2007, as the average monthly revenues from its iPhone subscribers are nearly double those of the rest of its mobile subscriber base. AT&T has also received a significant boost in overall subscribers from the device, as the iPhone accounted for an estimated 73 percent of its subscriber additions in the first quarter of 2009.

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