How can project managers sell the value of their trade to company executives?

Remember: Successful sellers work within the experiential background of the buyer and concentrate on benefits, not themselves

What follows is taken from a LinkedIn project management group discussion. - Bob

The question:"How do we educate senior managers about what project management actually involves? I have grappled with this question for over 28 years, and still do not have a satisfactory answer.

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My answer: Effective communication begins with placing yourself in your target's experiential framework. That being the case, I'll suggest that this is the wrong question, because They Don't Care. Nor should they.


What they care about is a related but different question: What it takes for projects to be successful. Not to complete, but to be successful -- to yield, not just the deliverables, but the intended business benefit.

Until you answer that question, they'll have no interest in the nature of effective project management. That's your point of interest, and "let me tell you about me," isn't a great way to hold anyone's attention.

- Bob