Moving to the clouds? Or already there?

Shifting from a real-world guide for SOA to a real-world guide for cloud computing

I'm moving to the cloud computing blog this week, taking over for whurley, who has done a tremendous job, this after writing the Real World SOA blog for InfoWorld since 2004, as well as doing the SOA Report podcast for almost as long. I'm proud of that body of work, and clearly SOA is one of those durable concepts that will be around for many years, long after the hype has faded.

While many of you may think that my moving from this blog is a clear sign that indeed "SOA is dead," nothing could be further from the truth. SOA, at its essence, is about doing architecture right and leveraging the right technologies and approaches to address the problems at hand. In some cases, this is traditional on-premise technologies, but more and more SOA is moving out to the clouds.

[ Check out InfoWorld's cloud computing InfoClip, a three-minute animation that provides a crisp, cogent overview. ]

Indeed, I feel so strongly about this that I just completed a book on that topic, titled "Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise...a Step-by-Step approach." Those who've been following me already know that I've been attempting to bring the enterprise to the clouds for years, and I've put my money and my time where my mouth is, as CEO of two cloud computing companies and CTO of one.

SOA is a pattern of architecture that's more about what you do than platforms and technology that you're looking to leverage. That is a fundamental truth that many have missed, and SOA will always be an approach that leads to more agile and efficient architectures. In other words, SOA will always be systemic to do good architecture, which will be independent of evolutions of technologies going forward, including cloud computing.

In the cloud computing blog, I'm going to, of course, focus on the latest trends and issues surrounding cloud computing, but also will approach cloud computing with the heart of an architect. We need to consider the real value of rapidly emerging cloud computing space beyond the hype. I plan on taking the same practical look at the world of cloud computing as I did with SOA, and I will never ever let the hype get in the way of understanding what works, and what does not.

See you there.