Cloudera is to Hadoop as Kleenex is to facial tissues?

Organizing the inaugural Hadoop World Conference and delivering Hadoop training could position Cloudera as the go-to Hadoop company

Cloudera is making a credible play to become the commercial brand associated with Apache Hadoop. Not only did Hadoop founder Doug Cutting recently join Cloudera from Yahoo, Cloudera is set to announce the inaugural Hadoop World Conference, scheduled for Oct. 2 in New York City.

The conference is being organized by Cloudera founder Christophe Bisciglia, and the tentative agenda has presentations from, among others, Cloudera, Yahoo, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, eBay, Visa,, The New York Times, and JPMorganChase.

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According to Christophe, "Hadoop is changing the way that users manage and process ever-increasing volumes of data. Hadoop World in New York City will showcase this powerful new open source technology, with special focus on how traditional enterprises use it to solve real business problems."

It's very smart to host this conference in NYC, where it'll be easy for IT decision makers and developers from the financial, publishing, advertising, and telecom industries to learn more about enterprise use of Hadoop. In another smart move to drive enterprise adoption, Hadoop training for developers, administrators, and managers will be available in conjunction with the conference. Oh, and did I mention that Cloudera will be offering this training? Smart move on Cloudera's part to position itself as the go-to Hadoop vendor when enterprises want to leverage Hadoop more extensively.

Looks like an interesting conference. I might make my way over to the "managers" education session if I can swing the travel dates.

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