Where's Adobe's advanced support?

One reader is driven to extreme measures while trying to resolve his company's problems with Adobe CS4 Production Premium

"I am at a point where I feel I could slit my wrists from dealing with Adobe's Tech Support," writes Jack. He continues:

My company purchased Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium about a month ago. We have had nothing but problems with it since. These problems have cost my company thousands of dollars. While trying to get the problems resolved over the phone, I have been hung up on by several Adobe technicians who seem to have no idea how to solve advanced issues. I want to talk to someone who really knows what they are doing not someone who is reading from a script and pretending to research my problem by putting me on hold for "two or three minutes."

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I forwarded Jack's complaint to Adobe to see if it might be possible to find him a technician who could do more than put him on hold and get him and his company back to work. Sandra at Adobe tried to reach Jack immediately when she received my e-mail, but he was on a deadline and asked her to try again later. She had the Adobe support team contact him at a more convenient time. Apparently this team was more capable than the technician Jack encountered because they discovered that he had a corrupted file. "The corrupted file was removed," reports Sandra. "And the issue is now resolved."

Adobe's Customer Support team also offered an official statement:

In this case, the customer support and escalation process was definitely not up to our high standards. We've worked directly with [Jack] and resolved his issue. We appreciate his patience and will be using his feedback to improve our processes going forward.

Though they don't say this is the reason for Jack's experience, the team also explained, "Adobe is transitioning to a new global Customer Care service provider. During the transitional period, customers with escalated or urgent issues should contact Adobe at adbecare@adobe.com. We appreciate our customer's patience and understanding as we make the transition to a new service provider that will improve the quality of consumer and creative customer experiences all over the world."

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