Silverlight 3 download and blog post guide

Microsoft released several different components of Silverlight 3. Here's a guide for the downloader

It's easy to become confused when looking at the many possible downloads and blog posts associated with Friday's release of Silverlight 3. Here's a quick guide. I have assumed that you have Visual Studio 2008 SP1 installed, and uninstalled any betas or prereleases of Expression 3.

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  1. Go to Microsoft's site to download the VS 2008 Tools for Silverlight; this will also install the SL3 developer runtime and SDK
  2. Download the Silverlight Toolkit -- Adds more controls
  3. You can download Expression Blend 3 and the SketchFlow RC. Make sure that you don't accidentally download an old Expression Blend 3 preview (as I did on my first try); it won't work right with the released Silverlight 3 runtime classes. It's good for 60 days; in 30 days, the final version should be available, and it will be included in most MSDN subscriptions
  4. Scott Guthrie's blog post about the Silverlight 3 release gives a good overview of the improvements over Silverlight 2
  5. Somasegar's blog post about the Silverlight 3 release has more examples than Scott's
  6. Christian Schormann's blog post is about Expression Blend 3 and especially the new SketchFlow feature
  7. Brad Abrams' three-part Silverlight 3 business apps example
  8. -- Tutorials, downloads and forums where you can get help
  9. Microsoft Expression community home
  10. The official site of Silverlight -- Includes some V3 feature demos