One good thing about cloud computing and SOA...

We'll have fewer SOA players at the end of 2010's leaving some of the SOA technology posers behind.

The inevitable marriage of SOA and cloud computing has left many SOA vendors scrambling to figure out how to cash in. One of the by-products of this movement is that many SOA technologies out there, those that yield little value within most projects, are getting found out rather quickly when moving into cloud computing-focused implementations of SOA.

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Take SOA governance, for instance. While runtime SOA governance has clear value in the world of SOA using cloud computing, perhaps more value than just within enterprise-based deployments, those selling design-time or designed-focused SOA governance technology are just not making the grade. The missing pieces are the ability to actually deploy and operate policies around services in and outside of the enterprise. Missing that, why bother?

The fact of the matter is that extending your SOA to cloud computing is architecturally not that complex. However, the solution patterns, including how you do security, governance, and manage compliance becomes paramount, and technologies that don't focus directly upon those issues fall off the technology comparison charts quickly. In other words, those that have been posing as SOA technology but not providing the value are getting a much brighter light shined upon them when SOA meets cloud computing.

This is sink or swim. I suspect that many of the "posers" will fall off our radar as more and more enterprises look to get real work done when leveraging cloud computing using SOA approaches and technology. This is a natural normalization that occurs in an emerged market, and SOA is clearly that.

Good luck to all.