CallWave announces Fuze Meeting for the iPhone

The free app allows for conferencing, collaboration, and desktop sharing

iPhone apps aren't all fun and games and Shazam; there are plenty of good work-oriented apps out there that can turn the handheld into a business machine, covering everything from office productivity to CRM (customer relations management) to BI (business intelligence). In the unified communications area, app provider CallWave is looking to help turn your iPhone into a conferencing and collaboration hub with its new Fuze Meeting app.

Fuze Meeting ties together instant messaging, HD video sharing, desktop sharing, and conference call management, allowing for on-the-go collaboration--a pretty good deal for folks who'd rather attend a conference from someplace other than the office.

[ This Saturday, the iPhone App Store will celebrate its first birthday. ]

The conference call manager allows for the typical start meetings/invite participants functionality, but it also simplifies the process of adding people to the call with its Fetch feature, which allows attendees to be put directly into a Web conference without any access codes or PIN numbers. Once participants are added to the meeting, their desktops and files, including HD-quality video and audio, can be shared and viewed in real-time while synced with the meeting presenter.

"We believe the market for mobile applications is still in its infancy and that applications like Fuze Meeting are paving the way for innovation in this growing space," said Patrick Moran, vice president of marketing for CallWave, in a statement released by the company. Moran raises a good point here. The iPhone has already been making solid inroads as an enterprise handheld, even holding its own against the vaunted BlackBerry in a recent side-by-side comparison by InfoWorld, but it takes good apps to truly unlock the device's business potential. As business-oriented apps mature, so too does the iPhone's usefulness in the enterprise.