Windows 7 RTM: What about drivers?

Reports say that Windows 7 will release to manufacturing on July 13. Now the hard part begins

Our sister publication Computerworld reports that Windows 7 will head to RTM on July 13. I don't know whether to be excited or scared.

Why would I be scared? I'm running the Windows 7 RC on two machines: one 64-bit desktop and one 32-bit laptop. It runs fairly well on both, better than Vista in many ways, but with one major exception: device drivers.

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The desktop can't scan from my HP networked all-in-one printer, although it can print. The Compaq laptop periodically goes black and reports that the screen driver stopped, then recovered.

This isn't how a finished operating system acts. It is how Vista acted when it was released. That doesn't make me hopeful.

Please surprise me, Microsoft and HP, and release working Windows 7 device drivers for all devices that are supported by Windows Vista. Make it a pleasant surprise, and do that soon.