New VMware community created to share scripts

VMware launches Code Central on its VMTN Community, allowing administrators and developers to share their scripts and code samples.

Nava Davuluri, a new hire into VMware's product marketing group, recently announced VMware's latest move within its community portal: a new piece of real estate called VMware Code Central.  Within this new community site, VMware hopes to centrally locate and organize freely available utilities, scripts, and code written for VMware environments and created by VMware community members.

Davuluri said the site "is intended for VMware community developers and system administrators who use VMware infrastructure and would like to have IT control through automation."

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To kick things off, Code Central is inviting developers to submit their code written with the VMware vSphere SDK for Perl, PowerCLI, and CLI, or to submit Java or C# samples written for the vSphere Webservices SDK.

Some of the sample code already found on the community site includes the following:

If you'd like to participate by uploading your own code or scripting samples, Davuluri asks you to follow certain guidelines which should help make the site more user-friendly.  Help others by providing a clear and descriptive name to your project, assign it relevant tags for searching, offer a screenshot of the final result set so people know what to expect as the outcome, provide good documentation, and give additional links to other resources that may provide additional help or explanation.

If this community site takes off, it will not only help those administrators looking for automation assistance, but it will also provide assistance to VMware's R&D team to help them figure out what types of automation VMware users are looking for that is lacking in their existing management products.