Intel promises SSD firmware fix

A glitchy SSD Optimizer firmware update has bricked some users' drives

Chip-maker Intel has promised to supply a fix for a recently released firmware update, which once applied, bricked certain users' SSDs (solid-state drives).

The firmware, dubbed the SSD Optimizer update, was made available late last month, but was quickly pulled by Intel. The decision by Intel to stop the firmware's availability was due to various reports, including several disgruntled forum posts, that the software was bricking certain users drives.

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Updating promised to make the X25-M series of SSDs more efficient, assuring speed increases of up to 40 percent. Even though some users have had the pleasure of enjoying the detailed performance upgrade, certain users have not been so lucky, experiencing a software crash and ending up with bricked devices.

The glitch in the firmware has been identified as a problem only for those running the 64-bit edition of Windows 7. Intel's Alan Frost explained that the company had "replicated the issue" internally and were "working on a fix" with the resolution being seen "as a high priority", unfortunately he failed to deliver a solid date for the fix's availability.

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