Where is my copy of Windows 7?

A reader wonders if there's been a massive holdup with preordered copies of Microsoft's new OS or if's he one of the unlucky few

David preordered a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium way back in July, then watched the hoopla over the official Windows 7 launch day come and go with no sign of his copy of the OS. He got miffed: "My order for Windows 7 Home premium was approved on July 9. Today is October 24. Windows 7 was released on October 22. Amazon was shipping copies on October 20. So where is my copy?"

David ordered his upgrade from HP, so he checked the company's Web site for news. He found a warning from HP: "Important Customer Message: We are currently experiencing very high call volumes due to customer excitement over Windows 7. Thank you for your patience!"

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He began to wonder if there was a serious problem and whether he was alone in his predicament. "Is it an HP problem?" he asks. "Is it a problem at Microsoft or somewhere else? How many other customers are upset?"

I asked the folks in Redmond if there was an issue on their end delivering product; I heard back via e-mail: Nope. In October, mail went out to all consumers who preordered Windows 7 through the Microsoft store that included download instructions for the product. As of last week, those downloads were going fine. They had no knowledge of anyone else having big problems with it.

I did find a bit of noise on Twitter from people who preordered Windows 7 and hadn't received it, but it appeared to be a fairly small volume of complaints. Similarly, there was a bit of griping in forums, including Best Buy's, from people who preordered and were still waiting for delivery. I did not hear back from HP in time for this post.

From where I sit, it looks like David is probably just one of an unlucky few. How about the rest of you? Did you preorder? Did you get your copy? Do you plan to upgrade?

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