Windows 7 OEM prices revealed

Online retailer Newegg revealed the OEM pricing for Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 operating system, which comes in at a slightly cheaper price than Vista

Popular online retailer Newegg divulged details today on the OEM pricing of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7.

For those of you looking to grab an OEM license of the admirable new operating system, you will be happy to know that Windows 7 comes in at a slightly cheaper price than its predecessor Vista. Newegg is offering the OEM Home Premium version of Windows 7 for only $99.99, whereas the full version is currently retailing for $199.99. OEM versions of Windows 7 Professional are available for just $134.99, which is a massive $165 cheaper than the $299.99 retail version, and $5 cheaper than what Vista's Professional OEM version would have set you back. Finally Windows 7 Ultimate is priced at $174.99, making for a $145 saving over the retail version.

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OEM versions of software were traditionally offered by software makers, like Microsoft, as a cost-effective way for computer manufacturers to upgrade to the the latest version. However, since the collective rise of online retailers such as Newegg, it has become staggeringly straightforward for anybody, computer manufacture or not, to purchase OEM software.

So if you're looking to get Windows 7 on the cheap and you're not a student, going the OEM route is definitely worth your consideration, but be sure to be wary of the restrictions in place, including not being able to upgrade at all -- clean installs only, folks!

Newegg is currently taking pre-orders.

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