Business iPhone apps finder adds new category, products

InfoWorld broadens its Web-based iPhone apps catalog to include communications apps has expanded its iPhone business apps catalog -- an interactive listing of Phone apps of use to professionals, businesses, and IT staff -- to include communications-oriented apps. This brings the number of categories to 24 categories. InfoWorld's editors also added nearly 20 new apps to the finder across several categories, bringing the total number of selected apps to more than 230.

The online tool lets people sort apps by more specific categories than the Apple store provides, as well as by name, price, and release date. The service has no cost and is available at Users with a U.S. iTunes account can download apps to iTunes from the InfoWorld business app catalog; iTunes must be installed on your computer.

The catalog contains only iPhone apps deemed useful for business users, excluding the bulk of the apps labeled "business" at the App Store, as many are not really business apps or are of dubious value.

InfoWorld's editors will continue to add new apps and categories to the catalog as merited.

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