Where are the green phones at CES 2010?

Green once again is being pushed at CES, but this year's offerings leave much to be desired

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Mobile warriors out there who rely on having their phones charged at all times might be interested in offerings from Sean Energy. The company claims it has "successfully tested a new battery which can power the iPhone in Video mode for almost 48 hours."

Other green-oriented offerings at CES include chargers that rely on alternative energy to power devices. Easy Energy is offering the YoGen, which has a rip cord that can be yanked to generate juice. Solar Technology will show off its Freeloader Pico, a solar charger that comes with four different connector tips for charging different types of devices.

New intelligent power strips also will be on display. Bits Limited, for example, is unveiling the latest generation of its Smart Strip, which can sense when attached devices aren't in use and switch them off accordingly.

All in all, though there are a couple of shining stars among the green offerings at this year's CES 2010, I can't help but feel a little disappointed, particularly by the lack of progress on the green-phone front. The year is still young, however. Perhaps vendors are holding out, and someone will roll out the perfect green cell phone come November, just in time for the holiday season.

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