IT personality types: 8 profiles in geekdom

Forget Myers-Briggs. Here are the true archetypes that underlie the IT breed

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IT personality type No. 7: The Promiser
Job title(s):
Outbound sales, business development

Profile: There is nothing this person won't say to close a deal. You want features the original product was never designed to deliver? Done. You need it within six months? The Promiser will get it to you in three. Of course, he or she doesn't have to deliver anything -- that's a job for the developers. Delays, cost overruns, and impossible feature-set requirements are all someone else's headache. On the Insights Discovery Wheel, the Promiser would fall into the "Fiery Red" quadrant.

"The Promiser does not appreciate erratic emotional outbursts if they get in the way of getting things done," says Jewell. "A master strategist, he is a born leader and doesn't like to be told what to do; instead, he'll tell you what to do. He's the guy who will tell the customer the code can be written flawlessly in two months when he knows it will take six -- and then work the team until they drop and do it all over again on the next project. But you're thankful he's on the team because if it wasn't for him, you wouldn't be the star team you are."

  • Hobbies: Golf, Michelob Ultra
  • Last book read: "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu
  • Greatest accomplishment: Closing a multimillion-dollar enterprise software deal using a demo downloaded off the Internet
  • Identifying marks: Starched button-down blue oxford, used car salesman smile
  • Role model: Blake (Alec Baldwin) in "Glengarry Glen Ross"
  • Most resembles: Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) in "30 Rock"

IT personality type No. 8: The Shadow

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