IT personality types: 8 profiles in geekdom

Forget Myers-Briggs. Here are the true archetypes that underlie the IT breed

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IT personality type No. 4: The Angry Support Drone
Job title(s): Support tech (what else?)

Profile: Hired to schlep from desk to desk fixing the computers of people deemed unworthy of their time. Will do what you ask, and not one iota more. Know more than you do about computers -- a point they manage to work into virtually every conversation -- but not really interested in sharing useful information. Might otherwise be flipping burgers if they could be trusted to handle sharp instruments around other humans.

"The IT support position in a startup is invested with near magical skills from the perspective of peers and yet manages to consistently disappoint 90 percent of the people he deals with," says Don Rainey, general partner at VC firm Grotech Ventures.

So they'll install that printer you asked for, but they won't test to see that it works correctly. Why not? Because you only asked them to install it. And if you question their abilities or work ethic, prepare for the consequences.

"These people are like the Energizer Bunny of anger," Rainey says. "Maybe it's the line of work, or it's because they're the starting point of a feedback loop for whatever is going wrong with the product or customers. But in any case, the Angry Support Drone can create a special kind of crisis."

  • Hobbies: Guns, shooting, random acts of violence
  • Last book read: "What Color is Your Parachute?" (unfinished)
  • Greatest accomplishment: Halo triple kill
  • Identifying marks: Permanent scowl, pair of Nikes circa 1982
  • Role model: William "D-fens" Foster (Michael Douglas) in "Falling Down"
  • Most resembles: Milton Waddams (Stephen Root) in "Office Space"

IT personality type No. 5: The Übergeek

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