IT personality types: 8 profiles in geekdom

Forget Myers-Briggs. Here are the true archetypes that underlie the IT breed

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IT personality type No. 3: The Human Roadblock
Job title(s): Software developer, enterprise architect, systems administrator

Profile: No matter what task or project is presented, the Human Roadblock responds in exactly the same manner: It can't be done. This is then followed by a painfully detailed list of all the reasons why this task or project will cost too much, deliver too little, and can't be implemented in anything resembling the proposed time frame. And, oh yeah: It was a stupid idea to begin with.

"This individual presents this feedback under the auspices of being the only 'rational voice' in the room," says Travis Van, co-founder of ITDatabase, a research tool for IT professionals. "The points may often be valid, but typically lead to 'paralysis by analysis' for the development group -- when a more optimistic look at 'what's possible' would have been preferable to their predictable laundry list of 'why this is not possible'."

  • Hobbies: Complaining
  • Last book read: "I Hate This Place: The Pessimist's Guide to Life"
  • Greatest accomplishment: Not accomplishing anything of note since 1979
  • Identifying marks: Knit shirt with collar, khakis; still carries a slide rule
  • Role model: Eeyore
  • Most resembles: Marvin the Paranoid Android from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

IT personality type No. 4: The Angry Support Drone

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