Cratchit Hall of Fame: Impressive tech support

"Excellent" and "immediate" are adjectives not often bestowed on tech support. Customers find Blue Coat and Computer Associates deserving of both

Two more Gripe Line readers have written in to nominate vendors for the Bob Cratchit Hall of Fame in recognition of their great technical support.

Reader Pat nominates the folks at Blue Coat for ongoing dedication to solving his company's problems.

"I deal with them frequently," Pat writes of Blue Coat. "They are always polite and quick to respond. And they have resolved just about every problem I've thrown at them in the two years I've been the Web proxy administrator here. The two problems that haven't been resolved are unique to our network setup and are being researched by both engineers and programmers at Blue Coat. Blue Coat has the best support I've ever seen in 20 years as an IT professional."

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And reader Joe wrote in to praise Computer Associates.

"Surprisingly, I have noticed over the past few months that Computer Associates has been doing an outstanding job of providing support," Joe says. "I'm a senior tech for an MSP and have had a need to call them for support on their Arcserve Backup software. Every time in the past few months, the support tech I have gotten has been pleasant, knowledgeable, and have followed up promptly to make sure the problem has been resolved to my satisfaction."

It's good to hear more vendors are being responsive to customer needs.

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