The top 100 IT projects of 2009

2009 InfoWorld 100 Awards: IT remains the lifeblood of forward-thinking organizations, as this year's recipients of InfoWorld's highest honor attest

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC
High-Availability Video Surveillance
Project lead: David Waggett, General Manager
Project description: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC partnered with ADT and All Covered to deploy a leading-edge video surveillance system featuring 48 high-resulotion Mobotix Vision IP network cameras integrated with Overland NAS.
Industry: Entertainment

Virtualization Initiative
Project lead: James Sims, CIO
Project description: SaveMart standardized on VMware-based virtual-server environments as a result of its acquisition of 125 new grocery stores, scripting automated backup to NAS storage devices rather than more expensive SAN boxes.
Industry: Retail

Open Source Initiative
Project lead: James Sims, CIO
Project description: SaveMart migrated its retail operations from proprietary solutions to an open source-based architecture centered around Ingres and Suse Linux as a result of its acquisition of 125 additional grocery stores.
Industry: Retail

Seattle Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center
Enterprise Architecture Overhaul
Project lead: Wes Wright, VP/CTO
Project description: Seattle Children's Hospital overhauled its enterprise architecture tapping both virtualization technologies and modern OS and hardware from Citrix, VMware, EMC, Microsoft, Computer Associates, and Symantec, virtualizing more than 300 applications, and eliminating more than 100 physical servers.
Industry: Health care

SNC Setao
Storage Initiative
Project lead: Olivier Parcollet, IT Manager
Project description: SNC Setao revamped its Semtao transportation network's storage operations to meet expanding data demands, integrating technology from Pillar and Falconstor into its VMware/Oracle-based infrastructure.
Industry: Transportation

Datacenter Infrastructure Initiative
Project lead: Zhou Lin, Senior Director
Project description: Sohu built out a next-generation datacenter architecuture based on technology from H3C to support the Sogou search engine.
Industry: Services

Southwest Airlines
Automated Flight Disruption Messaging Initiative
Project lead: Fred Taylor, Senior Manager of Proactive Customer Service Communications
Project description: Southwest Airlines developed an automated flight disruption messaging system based on a communications platform from Varolii, creating a SOAP-based gateway for real-time information exchange, front-end interfaces, and computer telephony integration hooks to call center agent apps.
Industry: Transportation

State Street
Infrastructure Transformation
Project lead: Madge M. Meyer, Executive Vice President
Project description: State Street overhauled its IT infrastructure, tapping server virtualization, VoIP, virtual tape libraries, high-availability storage, and Linux on the mainframe.
Industry: Financial services

SOA Initiative
Project lead: Jim Swartz, CIO
Project description: Sybase transformed its revenue systems into an SOA using a blend of enterprise Java; open source frameworks, such as JSF, iBatis, and Hibernate; and custom frameworks, AJAX, and RosettaNet XML.
Industry: Technology

Tata Consultancy Services
Global Lifecycle Talent Management
Project lead: Alok Kumar, Vice President/CIO
Project description: Tata Consultancy Services developed a talent management system, tapping SOA and BPM engine technology to improve workforce planning, performance, and feedback for its 140,000-employee operations across 42 countries.
Industry: Services

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