Microsoft adds SSL to AJAX CDN

Free security technology speeds up external-facing Web sites and offers edge caching support for AJAX libraries, including jQuery and ASP.Net AJAX

Microsoft has added SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support to the Microsoft AJAX CDN (Content Delivery Network), enabling SSL backing for scripts served off the CDN.

The free AJAX CDN service, launched in September, speeds up external-facing Web sites, offering edge caching support for AJAX libraries, including jQuery and ASP.Net AJAX.

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"One of the features in September that we said was coming (but which was not available at the initial launch) was SSL support for scripts served off of the CDN," said Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president in the Microsoft Developer Division, in a blog entry on Sunday. "This is necessary for scenarios where you have SSL enabled pages on your site, and you want to reference a script library from the Microsoft CDN and avoid a 'This page contains both secure and non-secure items' warning message being displayed to end-users visiting your site."

The CDN service is being provided by the Microsoft ASP.Net team. SSL support is enabled by scripts hosted on the CDN; developers can have scripts served by using an "https" moniker with script references on their site that point to the CDN, Guthrie said.

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