Business iPhone apps finder adds iPad-specific listings

'No junk' online catalog lets you sort apps by more specific categories than the Apple store provides

With today's release of the Apple iPad, has added an iPad-specific channel to its iPhone business apps finder. The business apps catalog is an interactive listing of iPhone and iPad apps of use to professionals, businesses, and IT staff. A new option lists just those business apps written specifically for the iPad.

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The "no junk" iPhone and iPad business apps finder contains more than 285 apps in 25 categories. InfoWorld's editors regularly update the apps finder with useful apps for professionals, businesses, and IT staff.

The online tool lets you sort apps by more specific categories than the Apple store provides, as well as by name, price, and release date. The service has no cost and is available at Users with a U.S. iTunes account can download apps to iTunes from the InfoWorld business app catalog; iTunes must be installed on your computer.

The catalog contains only iPhone and iPad apps deemed useful for business users and tech pros, excluding the bulk of the apps labeled "business" and "productivity" at the iTunes App Store, as many are not really business apps or are of dubious value.

InfoWorld's editors will continue to add new apps and categories to the catalog as merited.

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