Deadline nears for top CTO, enterprise architect awards

InfoWorld to name the top 25 CTOs of the year for outstanding technology efforts; nominees also sought for new Enterprise Architecture awards

Is your CTO one of the best? If so, nominate him or her for the 2010 CTO 25 Awards presented by, the Web site focused on modernizing IT through effective use of business technlogy. Nominees may have the CTO title or an equivalent title such as IT director, VP of technology, or -- if there is not also a CTO-equivalent position in the organization -- CIO. The projects the CTO cites in his or her nomination must have occurred in the last two years.

To get more information and enter, visit InfoWorld's CTO 25 Awards page. The deadline for entries is April 8, 2010, and the winners will be announced on June 1, 2010. InfoWorld will choose the top 25 CTOs from the nominations received.

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InfoWorld also seeks nominees for its new InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Awards, a partnership with Forrester Research and the Open Group; these awards honor architect-driven transformation efforts that occurred in the past two years. Nominations are due on May 31, 2010.

For both awards, nominees may work in any industry, including corporations, government, education, and technology vendors. They may work in any country, though entries must be in English. There is no fee to enter. PR firms are welcome to submit nominations on behalf of their clients, but they must provide direct client contact information in addition to their own contact information.

In its final CTO 25 Awards selections, InfoWorld will look for nominees who created a significant technology or deployed technology (internal and/or external) to solve a significant need. Our winners usually combine technology innovation and acumen with strong strategic thinking, solid project management capabilities, and effective leadership. The projects used to demonstrate the CTO's qualifications must have occurred in the previous two years. You can read about past years' InfoWorld CTO 25 winners to get a better sense of the attributes InfoWorld seeks.

In its final Enterprise Architect Awards selections, InfoWorld seeks to celebrate innovative, transformative initiatives led by architects to meet business and technical objectives. The projects used to demonstrate the architects' qualifications must have occurred in the previous two years.

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